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2010 Duck Boat Upgrades

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

With Duck season reopening on Dec 7th we have been putting some finishing touches on the boat. It was always in great shape but this off-season we went all out. We fixed some of the fibreglass dings, installed a rubber rail around the entire boat to protect it, replaced the rails that hold the grass on for concealment, purchased all new rubber mats for the floors to protect and to keep the noise down. We also replaced all the cleats, got new dock lines, running lights and gave it a new paint job (dark green). Now the last part is to paint the stalks of grass on the side with a lighter color for contrast. It will be completely finished and in the water this weekend. We overhauled the trailer as well, with a new winch strap and new lights. The entire setup looks like a million bucks. I will be sure to post pictures as soon as it’s complete. I still have plenty of deer hunting left in me, but bring on the duck season, maybe then I can finally shoot something, actually many things.

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Rubino Films Vacation!!!

Friday, November 12th, 2010

We are heading upstate tonight after work for our annual Rubino Films vacation. We all took the week off and will be hunting for 9 day straight. It should be a good week. It’s all I have been thinking about lately. Work has been ridiculously busy so it’s going to be nice to get away and clear my head for a bit. I will try to post daily reports in the forum ( as the week progresses. Joe and Dennis already have some nice animals down, now myself and the rest of the crew are going to do our best to join the party. I would love to kill one before the gun hunters get there and start shooting at any deer that moves. We are possibly heading to Chenango County tonight but still aren’t sure. We are waiting for my brother’s friend to let us know if he can make it. I sure hope he can because his place is pure gold when it comes to big bucks.

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