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Southern Zone Opening Weekend

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

I’m going to call opening weekend a success, even thought we didn’t put one on the ground we had a blast and saw seven different buck in two days of hunting. Saw a few shooters that didn’t present a good shot and a few that just needed another year or two to grow. It was good to get in the woods and log some hours with the new camera. With the wind Saturday we were a little discouraged and didn’t think the deer would be moving but threw on our Scent Blocker suits and we went out anyway. Although the deer we saw were all skittish, they were still on there feet. Joe almost had a shot at a doe but she picked him off before he was able to release an arrow and then he saw a nice seven that just wouldn’t get close enough for a shot. I saw a buck walk through the brush but couldn’t tell what he was exactly. Mid-day we went to my uncle’s farm for a visit as he just had surgery on his leg and will be laid up for a while. John went out back to put out a trail cam and saw two bucks and three does bedded in the back field. Our buddy Dennis tried to put the stalk on them but one of the does spotted him and that was the end of that. It turned out to be a spike and a big four pointer. Than that afternoon we had a shooter come to within 35yards at last light but never stopped walking. John didn’t feel comfortable with the shot so he let him walk without releasing an arrow. Sunday morning was a little slower. We saw a small four pointer come right under the stand but that was about it. We are headed to Long Island this weekend to hunt some private property with our good friend Hughie from There have been some great bucks spotted on his property and he already took a big ten off it, so needles to say we have been looking forward to this hunt for a while.

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